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Why Jodo Shu

Why should you be interested in becoming a Jodo Shu buddhist?

Jodo Shu Pure Land Buddhism offers universal salvation through the primal vow of Amida Buddha. Anyone and everyone is offered a simple and straightforward way of achieving rebirth in the Pure Land, and subsequent Buddhahood, through a personal relationship with Amida Buddha.

Honen's Pure Land teachings came about because he saw that not everyone has the ability to achieve nirvana or buddhahood in this life. Through the vows of Amida Buddha, buddhahood is available to all who have faith in Amida Buddha and recite the Nembutsu, Namu Amida Butsu.

Jodo Shu is a path that anyone can follow to achieve release from the cycle of rebirth, but it is only one path. The Buddha said that there are 84,000 dharma doors. Jodo Shu offers advantages over other Buddhist paths in our modern world, as the path is simple and not time-consuming. All of us have many demands on our time, and paths that require retreat, chanting in a foreign language, or many hours a day in contemplation or meditation are difficult to practice and still be in the world with demands of family, work, and society.

Some people may prefer the traditional monastic path of Theravada as a route to nirvana. Some may prefer to use the practices of Mahayana to seek buddhahood and salvation of all sentient beings. And others may prefer the rigorous fast path of Tantrayana.

In this life, you will achieve benefit from any Buddhist practices you choose. Jodo Shu practice can bring rebirth in the Pure Land and enlightenment, and is easy for anyone to follow.